first vision

King Kyuss

The ruins of Kuluth-Mar seem to be suffused with a strange taint that hovers just beyond the edges of reality. Like an oily stain spreading over a pool, a vision wavers in the air. Within the tainted energy is a man seated on a great throne made of green stone. He wears ornate plate armor and a black circlet rests on his brow. Both the circle and armor are adorned with silver symbols — an overlapping skull and scythe.

The vision expands, widening its scope to reveal that the throne is located at the apex of the large ziggurat and in the shadow of the spire. The spire itself gleams with flashes of white light, and at its peak is balanced a fifteen-foot-tall black stone monolith shaped like a trapezoid. Around the ziggurat spreads a thriving city, its streets paved in white stone, its buildings painted and whole Thousands of figures have gathered in the large open plaza that surrounds the ziggurat, all facing the figure seated at its center. Their cries are a rhythmic chant, surging like weaves on the monolith’s shore. As these cries rise in volume, threatening to shake jungle apart, the vision fades and is replaced by the ruined city of today.

You discerned the following:
-the people in the vision are from Sarlona
-the holy symbol on the man’s armor is an ancient representation of The Keeper (Sovereign of Death and Decay)
-the word chanted over and over by the crowd is “Kyuss”

first vision

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