The Wayfinders

Chapter 8-1

When last we left our heroes, you successfully proved your worth to the enigmatic fey of the Ironwood Spire and were granted access to the Fountain of Dreams. Therein contained select memories of the Order of the Storm, a long forgotten fellowship of dragons, fey, and other races of man.

The mysterious Watcher led you through the ritual to access those memories. You were whisked away to the last stand of the elder red dragon Dragotha. As his undead legions fought below, you found yourself in the body of a flight of dragons, taking the battle directly to the mighty red.

Bloodied, battered, and bruised you were successful in defeating Dragotha. The winds of time rush past as you each wake with a start, except Lady Oriel. She still dreams. What do you do next? What did you learn from the battle with Dragotha? What secrets do you retain from the Fountain of Dreams?


jasonhobson jasonhobson

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