The Wayfinders

Chapter 7-3

When last we left our adventurers, you made your way into Thelanis, the Feywild, seeking long forgotten knowledge protected by the fey of the Ironwood Spire on Dragotha and the Order of the Storm. There you received a lukewarm welcome from Eva, the eladrin Regent of the Spire, and an even cooler welcome from The Watcher, chief protector of the library.

The enigmatic Watcher challenged you to prove your worth as heroes and complete four trials for him before he would let you access the Fountain of Dreams, the receptacle of knowledge of the Order of the Storms. The party reluctantly accepted his quest and completed three of his tasks.

By night they crept into the lair of a giant and stole his belt, an ancient relic. Next, they traveled to the Doomshroud Forest and defeated a corrupted treant and her lackeys, smashing the Kyber dragonshard at the heart of the blight. Lastly they traveled to the Nightmare Vale near Mount Mourningfall and faced a horror from a far off plane. The last task is to retrieve a feather from the roc king, who roosts atop the nearby mountain.


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