The Wayfinders

Chapter 7-2

You rise out of the Feywild rift to find yourself in a natural basin surrounded by enormous trees, fragrant wildflowers, and thick patches of clover. The air is filled with the sounds
of chirping birds. A swath of flattened trees and crushed foliage has been replaced with new growth. However, it’s easy to discern the enormous hoof impressions left in the ground. In the sky overhead, a lonely cloud bears the vague likeness of a female archer.

When last we left our band of adventurers, Benares led you from Flamekeep to the Winter Citadel in Western Karrnath. There you consulted with his and Oriel’s benefactor Lady Snow of the Winter Court. Many truths were revealed, including that Aialon had been sent by the Undying Court to spy on and watch over Lady Oriel and her growing dragonmark. Collecting yourselves, Snow urged you band together and head into the Feywild to the Ironwood Spire. As the keepers of a vast library of fey knowledge, they will have the information you seek on Dragotha and the coalition of elves and dragons that supposed destroyed him years ago.


jasonhobson jasonhobson

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