The Wayfinders

Chapter 7-1

You made your way across the continent of Khorvaire lead by Forbes to report in with
church leadership. Your arrival in Flamekeep, home of the Silver Flame, was fortuitous. Terrorists planted fire bombs across the city. More importantly, they somehow managed to attack the very heart of the city and church, the Cathedral itself. An avatar of the very demonic overlord bound in the flame tore it’s way out of the radiant prison. Embolden by Jaela Dalaran, the Keeper of the Flame, you banished the demon back to it’s cell.

Now a week later, you’ve helped Flamekeep being to rebuild. Seven led a regiment of warforged dock workers in doing what the soft-skinned could not. Oriel and Benares tracked down remaining leads pinpointing the Children of Winter as the culprits, with many of the sect leaders containing missives from the Lords of Dust. Forbes worked with the church healers to ensure those injured in the blasts were nursed back to health. Aialon, nose always in a book, spent the majority of his time at the grand library of Flamekeep with high archivist [Diggs Wimberly].

On the Sunday after services, Jaela summons you all to the fractured cathedral for a ceremony in your honor.

“You have done us an immeasurable service today. I proclaim you “Saviors of the Flame” and that you be treated as honored guests whenever you visit Thrane. And to Forbes, I bestow the honor of Knight Militant of the Church of Silver Flame."


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