The Wayfinders

Recap of Chapters 1 to 3 (level 1-5)

Months ago a diverse party of adventurers came together to help a kindly old wizard named Allustan explore what Moonwatch locals call the Whispering Cairn. You found ancient relics from a bygone age when demonic overlords overran the face of Eberron. A time when mighty dragons allied with powerful elemental lords known as the Wind Dukes to battle these demons and seal them in the depths of Kyber.

Not everything was so grand in the Whispering Cairn as you also encountered the ghost of a young Alastor Land. He lost his way exploring the cairn and asked that you return his bones to his family farm outside Moonwatch. There you found empty graves and a trail leading to Filge, a truly mad necromancer hired by the unscrupulous mine manager Balabar Smenk. Finding no redemption in his house of horrors, you dispatched him and returned to Smenk.

Making a deal with the devil, you agreed to help Smenk deal with this cult “situation.” You found out that In the depths of his newly acquired Dourstone Mine lay a prophecy mark of death. Cultists of the Lords of Dust saw this as a holy site and unearthed an ancient laboratory and meeting chamber. The cultists were experimenting with green worms that would devour you from the inside turning you into voracious undead. Their notes say that these worms play some part in a prophecy of a being known as Kyuss and a powerful demonic overlord known as Katashka. They hoped to release these worms beneath the very ground of Moonwatch. Unfortunately, Theldrick, the leader of the cult, escaped. You dispatched his remaining followers including the twisted changeling known as the Faceless One.

Returning to Allustan with this news, you got some much needed rest before setting out after Theldrick. You followed his trail south into the Dagger Wood. There you uncovered evidence that Theldrick was working with a powerful black dragon named Ilthane. She had corrupted the local lizardfolk tribes. In a truly epic battle at the doorstep of Torch Keep, you battled waves of mad lizardfolk, Theldrick, and Ilthane herself. Beating back the lizardfolk, you killed Theldrick, but Ilthane escaped.


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