The Wayfinders

Chapter 4-1 - Mystery of the Rain Barrel Man

Sharn, Breland – 998 YK

After a well deserved respite in Moonwatch, Allustan requested that you seek the help of an old adventuring partner of his named Eligos. You set out for Sharn with a new companion and have an uneventful trip aboard the airship River of Stars.

The City of Towers is chaotic at best, but doubly so because of all the activity surrounding the upcoming Galifar Games. After a slight distraction with a chimera and the Carnival of Shadows, you find your way to Eligos. The stoic former adventurer agrees to do some research on the black dragon Ilthane and asks that you enjoy what the city has to offer. You should check back in a week or so.


jasonhobson jasonhobson

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