The Wayfinders

Chapter 8-6

You pause to catch your breath and notice you can actually see it. It is very cold in this lower chamber of the mine. It is also eerily quiet. The bodies of the cultists, undead, and zombie hulk litter the floor around you.

We pick back up as you make your way through an abandoned mine overtaken by cultists of the Lords of Dust. They have absconded with Gwyn’s mentor Magda and your key to finding Thulnir, Dragotha’s lair.

Chapter 8-5

When last we left our heroes, you made your way off to the nearby Fort Dolor seeking help for the refugees of the Hampstead massacre. There you meet the very busy head of the fort, Captain Kahvahna. She thanked you for everything you did saving Hampstead. She had just sent an initial squad to the town to aid in recovery efforts. You asked about navigating the Icetops, she suggested you find Magda, a dwarf shaman who frequented the Fort. She knew them better than anyone.

Next you set out for The Avalanche Inn where you found out that there was a eerily similar, undead outbreak at a nearby logging camp with the only survivor being attended to by Phlen, the Fort apothecary. After a passionate speech by Brother Forbes, the beleaguered refugees found a spark of hope, that they might reclaim their lives after such tragedy. Hearing the news of a survivor, though it was late in the day, you stopped in to check on Phlen.

You talked your way into Phlen’s Herb Shoppe. The very nervous young man, was beside himself. The young lady who survived the outbreak outside of Dolor was not doing well. Brother Forbes lead a ritual of cleansing that saved her life and destroyed this outbreak. As it turned out Phlen was a good friend of Ole Mags, as he called her. He told you she hadn’t check in for an uncommon amount of time. He gave you directions to her cabin outside of town.

Undeterred, you set out to find her cabin. There you found a new ally in a shifter named Gwyn, a friend and pupil of Mags. You also found a tiefling necromancer of the Lords of Dust and his patrol. Before the tiefling died, he told you that Mags was to be sacrificed a week from now in an abandoned mine a half days walk from there.

What do you do next?

Chapter 8-4

When last we left our heroes, you successfully cleansed the village of Hampstead of the vile seed of Katashka that had invested Darien, one of the young, local farmers. The bone dust infused mist that had coated the town has completely dissipated as have the zombies and ghouls summoned from the realm of the dead. However what is left of the town is a wreck. Bodies of those townsfolk caught by the undead horde are strewn about everywhere. You do what you can to set up Father Monsen and the rag tag batch of survivors up in the town guard’s office. The Father encourages you head off quickly to Fort Dolor to bring help.

What do you do next?

Chapter 8-3

When last we left our heroes, you find yourself in a large, rundown farmhouse on the outskirts of Hampstead, having just rescued the town priest Father Monsen and some parishioners who were unable to make the long march to Fort Dolor. You left the Westfield family under his protection while you seek to root out the seed of Katashka, the source of the curse befallen this area.

All signs point to a young farmer Darien who has slowly descended into madness. You find yourself in his farmhouse, parchment strewn everywhere, shredded scraps and torn sheets all covered in handwriting that range from normal printing to violent scrawl. The writing speaks of the terrible visions tormenting him, visions of writhing worms, rending teeth, and an eternal, unspeakable rot.

Roll for initiative.

Chapter 8-2

When last we left our heroes, you set out from the Feywild back to Eberron on the trail of Dragotha’s long lost lair believed to be in the Icetop Mountains. Heading east, you made your way out of the Karrn Woods on to the lush fields of the Karrnathi heartland. Unfortunately there you discovered that the fields were covered in a fine layer of bone dust. Recalling details from tomes found in the ancient ziggurat in Q’Barra, Aialon and Forbes determined that this was a sign of of the weakening bonds restraining Katashaka.

With a renewed sense of dread and urgency, you continued on. As you crossed the fields, you found a farmhouse besieged by the undead. There you rescued the Westfelds from their nightly horror and made your way to the sleepy village of Hamstead only to find it in utter shambles. Byron, the patriarch of the Westfeld family, suggested the town magewright might have a clue about the events here. We pick up as you explore his place of business.

Chapter 8-1

When last we left our heroes, you successfully proved your worth to the enigmatic fey of the Ironwood Spire and were granted access to the Fountain of Dreams. Therein contained select memories of the Order of the Storm, a long forgotten fellowship of dragons, fey, and other races of man.

The mysterious Watcher led you through the ritual to access those memories. You were whisked away to the last stand of the elder red dragon Dragotha. As his undead legions fought below, you found yourself in the body of a flight of dragons, taking the battle directly to the mighty red.

Bloodied, battered, and bruised you were successful in defeating Dragotha. The winds of time rush past as you each wake with a start, except Lady Oriel. She still dreams. What do you do next? What did you learn from the battle with Dragotha? What secrets do you retain from the Fountain of Dreams?

Chapter 7-3

When last we left our adventurers, you made your way into Thelanis, the Feywild, seeking long forgotten knowledge protected by the fey of the Ironwood Spire on Dragotha and the Order of the Storm. There you received a lukewarm welcome from Eva, the eladrin Regent of the Spire, and an even cooler welcome from The Watcher, chief protector of the library.

The enigmatic Watcher challenged you to prove your worth as heroes and complete four trials for him before he would let you access the Fountain of Dreams, the receptacle of knowledge of the Order of the Storms. The party reluctantly accepted his quest and completed three of his tasks.

By night they crept into the lair of a giant and stole his belt, an ancient relic. Next, they traveled to the Doomshroud Forest and defeated a corrupted treant and her lackeys, smashing the Kyber dragonshard at the heart of the blight. Lastly they traveled to the Nightmare Vale near Mount Mourningfall and faced a horror from a far off plane. The last task is to retrieve a feather from the roc king, who roosts atop the nearby mountain.

Chapter 7-2

You rise out of the Feywild rift to find yourself in a natural basin surrounded by enormous trees, fragrant wildflowers, and thick patches of clover. The air is filled with the sounds
of chirping birds. A swath of flattened trees and crushed foliage has been replaced with new growth. However, it’s easy to discern the enormous hoof impressions left in the ground. In the sky overhead, a lonely cloud bears the vague likeness of a female archer.

When last we left our band of adventurers, Benares led you from Flamekeep to the Winter Citadel in Western Karrnath. There you consulted with his and Oriel’s benefactor Lady Snow of the Winter Court. Many truths were revealed, including that Aialon had been sent by the Undying Court to spy on and watch over Lady Oriel and her growing dragonmark. Collecting yourselves, Snow urged you band together and head into the Feywild to the Ironwood Spire. As the keepers of a vast library of fey knowledge, they will have the information you seek on Dragotha and the coalition of elves and dragons that supposed destroyed him years ago.

Chapter 7-1

You made your way across the continent of Khorvaire lead by Forbes to report in with
church leadership. Your arrival in Flamekeep, home of the Silver Flame, was fortuitous. Terrorists planted fire bombs across the city. More importantly, they somehow managed to attack the very heart of the city and church, the Cathedral itself. An avatar of the very demonic overlord bound in the flame tore it’s way out of the radiant prison. Embolden by Jaela Dalaran, the Keeper of the Flame, you banished the demon back to it’s cell.

Now a week later, you’ve helped Flamekeep being to rebuild. Seven led a regiment of warforged dock workers in doing what the soft-skinned could not. Oriel and Benares tracked down remaining leads pinpointing the Children of Winter as the culprits, with many of the sect leaders containing missives from the Lords of Dust. Forbes worked with the church healers to ensure those injured in the blasts were nursed back to health. Aialon, nose always in a book, spent the majority of his time at the grand library of Flamekeep with high archivist [Diggs Wimberly].

On the Sunday after services, Jaela summons you all to the fractured cathedral for a ceremony in your honor.

“You have done us an immeasurable service today. I proclaim you “Saviors of the Flame” and that you be treated as honored guests whenever you visit Thrane. And to Forbes, I bestow the honor of Knight Militant of the Church of Silver Flame."

Chapter 7 - Prelude

You have spent the last few weeks making your way out of the jungles of Q’Barra, traveling westward as Forbes leads you to the home of the Church of the Silver Flame. Deep in the heart of Q’Barra you discovered an ancient evil bound within the ruins of an early city founded by immigrants from Sarlona. You defeated the master of the ziggurat and architect of the recent worm plague the spellweaver lich Mak’ar and the dastardly black dragon Ilthane. In her death, you learned that her machinations with the green worms were only part of a larger ploy by her master the dragon Dragotha.


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